Bridging temporary vacancies

There are numerous reasons departments have to be managed externally for a time: the extended absence of the former manager due to illness, unsatisfactory performance or, simply, different views on priorities. Whatever led to the state of upheaval, the first priority for you is to ensure or restore the effectiveness of the department(s) concerned.

As an Interim Manager with over 25 years’ professional experience I take responsibility straight away. I am at home in departments like Finance, Accounting and Controlling. This is where I achieve successes. I run your departments independently and on my own responsibility, with a balanced mix of setting an example, competence and respectful dialogue. The result is the successful preservation or rapid restoration of the required continuity and stability within the department and the defusing of impending risks arising from a period of upheaval. Meanwhile, you gain time to find a permanent solution. And when that solution has been found, I hand you back a smooth-running, productive department - calm, quiet, professional.

With BACHMANN interim you protect what’s most important to you - the continuity of your figures!
Felix Bachmann · Interim Management · Departmental management · Balance sheet management · Special assignments · Accounting · Finance · Controlling

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