Identifying risks | Releasing liquidity

Sufficient liquidity is of elementary importance. Not surprising.

However, for reasons of capacity or well-meant regard for marketing interests, internal financing leeway - particularly in the area of accounts receivable - is often under-exploited. Here, liquidity release can be used directly to relieve the strain on your lines and regularly leads to an improvement in the negotiating position vis-à-vis your banks.

For those wanting to attract external funds on acceptable terms must also know their own risk positions - and their impact on the balance sheet. That way, your lending banks’ covenants become manageable.

Focus on questions:

How recoverable are your balance sheet asset positions? What risks are associated with the fixed assets and current assets? Can risks be reduced by strict and consistent receivables or inventory management? Answers to these questions provide clarity and increase your business clout.

Possible objectives:

  • Exploiting internal financing leeway / raising liquidity reserves
  • Inventory scope management
  • Receivables management
  • Identifying and hedging against asset risks
  • Reviewing the recoverability of financial assets
  • Working capital management

With BACHMANN interim you protect what’s most important to you - the continuity of your figures!
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