Performing special missions

I understand your aims, plan their implementation and carry it out. Some special missions are “nice to have” and can be postponed.
Others need to be dealt with as a matter of urgency. I particularly like taking care of the following aspects:

Liquidity + risk

For those wanting to attract external funds on acceptable terms must also know their own risk positions - and their impact on the balance sheet. That way, your lending banks’ covenants become manageable. Sufficient liquidity is of elementary importance. ...more

Reporting + planning

So that you don’t have to convince the fiscal authority and your lending banks of your professionalism every time. Not mountains of undigested figures, but data that carry a message. So you can run your business on the basis of reliable figures - internally and externally. ...more

Departmental performance

Analysing processes and focusing on priorities within the department. So that capacity can be deployed at the right place. Why? So that perceived manageability of own task areas and employee satisfaction will rise again. ...more

With BACHMANN interim you protect what’s most important to you - the continuity of your figures!
Felix Bachmann · Interim Management · Departmental management · Balance sheet management · Special assignments · Accounting · Finance · Controlling

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